Gutter Maintenance Program
Increase the Longevity of Your Home

What is included in our Gutter
Maintenance Program?

♣ 3 Visits to your home every year           (usually the Fall, Spring, Summer)
♣ Remove all debris from your roof
and gutters
♣ Clear all down spouts
♣ Immediately repair any damaged or
loose gutter hangers
♣ Give you a verbal evaluation of the
condition of your gutters

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Why do I need my gutters cleaned?

♣ In the short run, clogged gutters can create pooling around your foundation and cause flooding in your home
♣ In the long run, structural damage due to water damage can occur. Moisture will build up behind your gutters and cause damage
♣ It is a necessary maintenance to pro-long the longevity of your home

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